Using Cognates

I recently had a conversation with Bu Cathy about the use of cognates (Indonesian words similar to English words) to aid student understanding. If cognates are used in stories, the focus is on those important verbs! You will find it much easier making up stories as students will not have to learn these words.  I started brainstorming some Indonesian cognates, then found more at

Many of them were too technical for primary students, so I have weeded out the advanced vocabulary and listed ‘primary’ vocabulary in a word document. I hope this is useful for Indonesian teachers attempting to use TPRS.

Please inform me if the link does not work for you!

Great cognates to use in Indonesian Stories

2 thoughts on “Using Cognates”

    1. I hope it is useful! Just check it if you downloaded the doc. When I looked at it today, silly spellcheck had converted half the words back into English. I fixed then, so now all should be correct.


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