Managed Response: Wait Now or Wait Later

Had my first Indonesian classes today for the new year. I have eight prep classes and seven Year One classes. Very challenging…this information about Carol Gaab’s managed response will really help!

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I do not know why Pre-literates engage in the autoecholalia mechanism every time they are asked a Circling Question.  The teacher simply says, “Clase, ¿Sponge Bob fue a WalMart o Hanna Montana fue a WalMart?”

Left to to answer naturally, all pandemonium breaks loose.  Each child begins to holler out his or her choice,  repeating it over and over, louder and louder, each time in varying tones, volumes and velocities. 

Some:  Hanna Montana!  Hanna Montana…Hanna MonTAna!

Others:  Sponge Bob…SPONGE Bob!  Sponge Bob!

When this happens, no one can hear, and the CI can not get in. 

Not to worry, though.  With Carol Gaab’s Managed Response,  that reflex is effectively cut off.

Before a “Yes/No Question” is even asked, I remind them to give a Silent Response via the chosen gestures.  This provides silence so that everyone can still hear me while they are answering.  This comes after they and I have been fully…

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One thought on “Managed Response: Wait Now or Wait Later”

  1. What a fantastic post! Thanks for sharing. Have you tried counting backwards and then pointing on zero yet? It would also be a good opportunity to talk about pointing in Indonesia and how it is done with the hand not a finger! I’m definitely going to try this idea next week!


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