iFLT 2018 – Part 3 – Reading Strategies

This workshop was presented by Bryce Hedstrom.

Bryce told us that we should give our students lots of opportunities to read. Use FVR (Free Voluntary Reading) time. Start this slowly, with 3 minutes at first, gradually building up to 10 minutes. More advanced students may want to read for even longer! Read your current class story , then change it a little each lesson and read embedded versions of the story, or read a parallel story and compare it with the original.

Bryce suggests that if you are using a class novel (more advanced students), then first locate the essential structures. These are what you need to teach before starting with the novel. Pre-teach the Super 7 and structures that will be repeated throughout.

Post Story/Chapter Activities:

  • Bryce gives his students points depending on how they respond to the story – if they state a fact, they receive 2 points, if they listen and respond (to the fact) they get 5 points and if they ask a question they get 5 points.
  • Read the story – in pairs, on their own (with a worksheet to complete) or reading club with the teacher.
  • Independent readers can write comprehension questions about the story, co-operative groups could read on their own and then make a book map or some other group project.
  • Popcorn Reading
  • Translate line-by-line
  • comic strip retell
  • wanted poster for main character
  • create a text conversation between two characters

From Reading to Assessment

The following can be used as assessment:

  • parallel read with questions (in English)
  • cold read with questions (in English)
  • Bloom’s type questions may be used for older students

Reconnect with the Real World

  • do simple science experiments
  • presiden Joko selfies (with black velvet peci)
  • infographic (how many students have a dog, cat, etc)
  • make sure authentic resources are interesting and not frustrating to read
  • adapt materials to rebus style (using pictures in place of words)

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 2.00.08 pm



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