I’m baaack! I decided to leave my Indonesian teaching role for one in a relatively new school teaching Spanish. It was close (I could ride my bike to school), it was teaching a language I loved and it was time for a change! Unfortunately, it was not the right change for me. I didn’t blog all year as I was disheartened and felt so alone. Although most of the staff were lovely at my new school, we were very tightly micro-managed. The expectations were very high (unreasonable one could say!) and I battled with a language colleague who kept making the comment that I ‘was not a native speaker’.

I felt dismayed but not surprised when the prin informed me I would not be wanted in 2021.

BUT I managed to pick up a fantastic job close to the city of Melbourne in the lovely suburb of Albert Park. Our school (South Melbourne Park Primary School) is a heritage building in the Albert Park Lake area. Sometimes the swans leave the lake and graze outside classroom windows. It is surrounded by mature trees and bird sounds. Leadership is appreciative and supportive of the teachers. The team of specialist teachers is awesome! I am so happy there! Plus I get to teach ALL year levels from P – 6. It is quite a small school – just right!

So…I am rejuvenated and ready to blog again – but this time I will be blogging about my Spanish teaching, not my Indonesian teaching! All good- hopefully you will find something that is useful for you in your language classroom no matter what language you teach.

Here is a present for you for reading until the end! Click on this link and it will take you to a 50 minute presentation video that I made (for US audience) at the beginning of this year that will give you some new ideas for your teaching! Thanks for all your support. (This was the unedited version – sorry! Just speed it up in settings!!)