One Word Images with young students

This week with my Prep classes, I have been telling them we are going to use our ‘imaginasi‘. We are going to pretend there is something on the chair at the front of the room. Apa ada? They soon got into the swing of things. When they gave me names of things we had not learned, I said ‘Mungkin‘ (maybe) and asked the next person. Of course there was always someone who said ‘harimau‘ (tiger). O, ya! Ada harimau. I looked at the chair, then back at them. Harimau besar atau kecil? I did not want tiny little tigers, so even if someone said kecil, I eventually said ‘Harimau besar‘. I looked at the chair and made sure my eyes tracked from the chair almost to the ceiling. It was really big, after all!

Warna apa harimau? (What colour?) They all wanted orange and black of course, but that wouldn’t do, so I persisted until we got blue and pink. Harimau makan, kelas! Harimau makan apa? Harimau makan pizza, harimau makan es krim, harimau makan Ibu Anne? Oh yes please! We all want the tiger to eat Ibu Anne! Now we are going to draw the tiger, Kelas! Mengambar harimau! And I reminded them of what he looked like and what he was doing. I attempted to ask them ‘Di mana harimau?’ but gave up after they said ‘on the chair!’ Apparently there is a limit to ‘imaginasi‘!!

This activity actually gave me a good snapshot at where the kids were at and how much they understood. Adorable! I always tell them I want lots of blood!

PS Yes, I know I have posted about this before, but I love sharing these gorgeous pictures!


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