Promoting the Indonesian Program

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I am always concerned that my students only  have one hour of Indonesian per week, or less if you take into account transitioning to classrooms, excursions etc. So I decided to use a youtube channel to give the kids access to Indonesian whilst at home. I figured this would also promote the program to their parents. If we act out stories in class, I try to then post these videos to the youtube page (if students have photo permission).

I have also posted students singing, clips of songs we have sung in class and stories I have told to classes. Of course not all students access the page, but I usually include the link in the school newsletter and give it to parents at parent/teacher interviews. You could also include it on report card comments. {Student} is encouraged to listen and follow along to class stories on ‘Indonesian Fun for Juniors’ (or whatever name you give your channel).

Over the holidays, I plan to retell some more stories we have been doing this term and upload those. I may also make a deliberate mistake in one of them and tell the students that the first person to tell me what the error is wins a prize. Nothing like bribery to get them to log on!

Vimeo is another site you could use to post videos of your stories. It would possibly a better option as it you can choose who you want to share with.

When I give homework (reading a cartoon story) to students, I include a reading on the youtube channel for extra support.

You are welcome to take a look at the youtube channel and hopefully get some ideas!

Indonesian Fun for Juniors

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