Prep Assessment

Let’s face it, Preps are difficult to assess, especially if you have 7 classes only once a week as I do! It is hard enough to remember all their names. I did not have much data to help me write reports for my preps, only anecdotal notes I had hurriedly scribbled on the whiteboard then photographed with my phone before rushing off to the next classroom! I also tried to keep a record of who was drawing the correct picture and who was having difficulty understanding when we did our ‘gambar cepat’ (Quick Draw) activity.

So I made a very simple 6-box grid and wrote some very basic phrases and sentences from our latest story ‘Harimau makan Elsa’ (Tiger Eats Elsa). I read the phrases out aloud and asked the students to draw in the boxes in order. Here is what a couple came up with. It was great to use for a comprehension check.

prep pic
Prep Assessment (I inadvertently read numbers 2 and 3 in the wrong order)

prep pic2

I just love the illustrations! I thought the tiger had smiley face feet until I realised they were the padded paws – how clever!

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