Blaine Ray’s Kangaroo Story

Finally I have a chance to sit and write a blog – my first since the beginning of this year! I feel like this year has been very hectic and overwhelming.

The first story I asked this year with my Year 2s and 3s was an adaption of Blaine Ray’s kangaroo story as told to us at the conference in January. I used an elephant, mainly because 1) it is an Indonesian animal and 2) I had a very big one and a very small one handy!

It went like this (underlined words are characters students came up with):

Ada laki-laki. Nama dia John Cena. John Cena tidak senang. John Cena mau gajah.

Ada perempuan. Nama perempuan Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift punya gajah besar. Taylor Swift tidak senang. Taylor Swift mau gajah kecil.

Ibu Anne punya gajah kecil. Ibu Anne senang!

Taylor Swift beri John Cena gajah. John Cena senang. 

Ibu Anne beri Taylor Swift gajah kecil. Taylor Swift senang. 

Ibu Anne senang? Tidak!

Taylor Swift punya gajah besar.

The beauty of this story is that kids expect that Taylor Swift will be happy because she has a big elephant. But she isn’t! It really hooks them in!

‘Punya’, ‘beri’ and ‘mau’ were revision words from last year. I wanted to see if my students had really acquired them. We had used ‘senang sekali’ but not senang, so I began by telling students what it meant, then asking PQA, ‘Susi senang?’ ‘Ronald senang?’ ‘O, kelas, Ronald tidak senang! Kenapa tidak senang, Ronald?’

I then began asking the story, getting names of characters from the class. I brought actors to the front and used the giant and small elephant. It was very engaging! Afterwards, I gave the students a quick quiz 10 Q and was happy to note most scored 9 or 10.

The following week, I asked the students as a group to retell the story as I drew pictures, cartoon style, on a large piece of paper. I carefully questioned them to elicit correct details. Then I asked if anyone wanted to ‘read’ the pictures. Here is a sample year 3 video of the result. I was stoked! I realised some of my pictures needed improving because when students hesitated it was because they couldn’t remember what my picture was or it did not contain enough cues.

I also prepared a powerpoint cerita 1 2017 story about a principal who wanted chocolate, and then converted the powerpoint to a movie. We read the story together in class and I gave it to students as year 3 HW. Not all students completed the activity, but for those who did it gave me some valuable feedback, as I asked for comments from the parents as well as a signature. I made it into a class competition – the year 2 winning class would have a special treat (we haven’t decided what yet) as well as the winning Year 3 class. I placed the movie on my youtube channel Indonesian Fun for Juniors as extra support for those students who may have struggled with the reading.

8 thoughts on “Blaine Ray’s Kangaroo Story”

  1. Wow, wow, wow!! Bagus sekali Ibu Anne!! I love ❤️ this!! Thank you do much for posting what you have done. It’s exactly what I need to do with my year 2/3 class!!
    I am super impressed too with (& going to steal) the idea of putting a video up for homework. Can you give a bit more detail on the task? There’s another question but I’ll need to save this first so I can get back to your post.
    To be continued……

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  2. Me again-
    Oops it was a PowerPoint! Not a video!! Did you photocopy it with the lines next to the pics for the students to write on?
    My other question is about the quiz. Was that a written quiz or a verbal quiz? My 2/3’s are a very wriggly bunch!!
    Thanks soooo much for posting!! Well worth the hiatus! 🤣

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  3. Verbal Quiz Bu Cathy. I have updated the blog to include the Quick Quiz proforma (students just circle ya or tidak) and the HW. All they had to do was read the story to someone at home in Indonesian and then read again in English. They had pictures and words. I have included a copy of this in the blog also, as well as the powerpoint in case anyone wants to use/adapt it for their classes. Powerpoint gives you an option to convert to a movie, but unfortunately words sometimes get chopped off. Might put my text below the pics next time to remedy the problem. Then I used iMovie to record the audio and slowed the movie right down as it was too fast.

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  4. Karen Keal Thanks for sharing all that you do Anne MacKelvie. I hope it ok to use your work with my classes. I think that your work is amazing! I love the ular (I remember you talking about making one at one of our meetings. Where do you get your story ideas from?…my imagination is so not there. I looked at your youtube video of ‘Take Me Home”. Can you advise on a starting point to break it down for teaching structures? Something like…Ada perempuan. Nama perempuan ________. (students fill in). ________ mau anging. etc

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