Student Feedback

twitter forms

Found these great (free!) Twitter exit slips on Teachers Pay Teachers. I asked my Year 3 students to fill them out at the end of the lesson. They gave me some useful feedback. Things I discovered:

  • some students are not comprehending the kursi luar biasa interview
  • I go too fast sometimes
  • they loved the Wordle activity
  • they love the snake story and being eaten in the ‘snake tunnel’

This week I did the Wordle (used snake story, not a song) activity in my Year 3 class for the first time to prepare students for reading the snake story. (They have only heard it up until now) They played the game in pairs. I did not get them to highlight the word, just be the first to point to it. They loved this activity, and used tally marks on the sheet to score. The picture below shows an example, although this was not the one I used as I first removed all names from my story to focus on target vocabulary.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 5.01.12 pm

Tidak     Ya        (PDF file posters)

Here is an activity which my students loved that you can do after Kursi luar Biasa (or after a story) to check comprehension. I use this activity with Preps through to Year 3.

Before I interviewed the special person, I told the students to listen carefully as I would be asking them some questions about that person. I used the slide show (see Kursi Luar Biasa post) for added support. I stuck up a YA (yes) poster on one side of the room in green and TIDAK (no) in red on the other. Students stood in the middle of the room and had to move to the appropriate side of the room after each question.

e.g. Does (student) like eating at MacDonalds? If the special person answered no, students move to the TIDAK side. I asked at least six questions about the special person. Gave me a great indication of who had understood the interview.

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