Bu Carmel at Yankalilla Area School

An ex-TPRS student who just couldn’t stop reading the new story! (On the way to Yankalilla)

Here are some good TPRS ideas I picked up from Bu Carmel:

  • use a music stand for your lesson plan (great idea – I always put mine down and lose it!)
  • go s-l-o-w-l-y, students understand so much better!
  • to settle students, Carmel says ‘satu, dua, tiga, diam’ twice. It works!
  • students fill out a self-assessment form after each lesson, based on how well they listened, responded etc
  • use a powerpoint presentation with aims of your lesson, stories, new words listed, pictures etc – Carmel’s powerpoint was ‘luar biasa’!
  • throw a ball and ask students a question, such as ‘Apa kabar?’ for quick answer practice.
  • use strip bingo (Martina Bex?) to revise words – I had not seen this used before. Students were asked to fold (lipat) a strip of paper in half, then in half again. They wrote any four words from the story. As teacher calls out the words, remove your word BUT only if it is on one of the ends of the strip. First one to throw all their words in the  ‘tempat sampah’ is the winner. Students loved this game!

Thanks so much for having me, Bu Carmel!

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