Fleurieu Hub Meeting

Terima kasih to Bu Cathy for re-scheduling this meeting so that I could attend. It was so great to hear what other Indonesian TPRS teachers are doing. The meeting was held at Port Elliot Primary School.P1050182

Currently Hub members are using Spongebob may Sprite for junior learners and Bercakap-cakap terus for Years 3 – 6. I was amazed to hear that two of the teachers taught 6 new words per week to the middle students before beginning on the story. They appeared to remember the words really well!

I  heard about some good activities for students:

  • order sentence strips
  • match sentence strips with pictures
  • order words
  • spelling battleships (instructions on Bu Cathy’s blog)
  • the Bop! game (also on Bu Cathy’s blog)
  • sing the story

Sing the story was great! To the tune of Baa Baa Black Sheep, students learn to sing the story, as in:

Lucy dingin.

Lucy mau jaket.

Peter panas.

Tidak mau jaket.

Peter kasi.

Lucy pakai jaket.

Lucy berkata, “Terima kasih, Peter”.

One of the teachers told us about a good game to practise ‘punya’ with young children.  One person stands out the front of the group facing the whiteboard. Teacher quietly gives the ‘apel’ to someone in the group. The child at the front them turns around and has to discover who has the object by asking ‘Daniel punya apel? Lucy punya apel?’ etc.

Bu Cathy told us how teachers had used ‘Cicak Cicak di dinding’ and had students act it out.

I found out about three types of writing:

  • free write: students write about anything. This is a timed write from between 5 and 15 minutes
  • re-write: re-write the story students have learned in class
  • quick write: students write about a picture based on the story they have  learned

The re-write can be made more interesting by taking out names of characters and places and asking students to make up their own, then illustrating.

More great ideas for junior classes:

  • charades in pairs, guess the verb
  • ask questions about the story, students pick up a piece of duplo if the answer is yes, don’t pick up if answer is no
  • listen and draw
  • wordle – use limited words for juniors. First to point to the word teacher says gets a point
  • guess the gesture
  • fruit salad – adapt with words from the story (can do with duck, duck, goose also)
  • quick draw – in pairs – one draws, the other states (in Indonesian) the line from the story
  • Raja Monyet – students sit on chairs in a circle, with one child Raja Monyet (king monkey) in centre. Teacher asks question (e.g. Kamu tinggal di mana?) Everyone answers with their own answer, but when Raja Monyet answers with ‘Saya tinggal di hutan’ (A special answer which teacher has previously told child), everyone must swap seats so that a new Raja Monyet (last one left standing) is found.
  • Guess the number (Saya pikir nomor) – even Preps can do this! Write numbers satu to lima (or more) on the board, like this:

1 satu

2 dua

3 tiga

4 empat

5 lima

Choose a student to come out and write their number on the back of the whiteboard where no other students can see. (Useful if you or the student forget the number!) then student picks others to guess the number. They put a cross next to the number if it is not correct. If it is correct, new child gets a turn. Must say the number in Bahasa Indonesia!

If playing the game with middle or upper students, tell them to think of a number between 1 – 40, or 1 – 100. Draw a horizontal line on the whiteboard. If the class group guess a number larger than the one the student is thinking of, then  this number is written ABOVE the line. If it is smaller, the number is written BELOW the line. Students (hopefully) narrow down their options and guess quickly.

Mouth of the Murray River

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