Shake your Tail Feathers!

After watching the Carol Gaab DVDs, I was eager to try some of her methods in the classroom. I tried chanting a phrase we were learning, along with movements similar to what Carol had modelled. We said ‘Harimau makan kancil’ (Tiger eats kancil), two claps in the air up high, then repeated the phrase with claps to the left, the right, on our tummies, chests, knees and then I spun around, chanted and then did two claps on my bottom. Oh, wow! Instant engagement. Had forgotten the young child’s fascination with any slightly ‘rudey’ bits. ALL students loved it, giggled, chanted, wanted to do it again! Worked from Preps right up to Year 3. Will be including this one in my repertoire for sure. So shake your tail feathers!

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