Buat Menara (Build a Tower)

Last week I had a very successful Prep lesson, so thought I would share. I had a big tub of colourful unifix ‘balok’ so I packed these into 26 little snap lock snap bags with 6 blocks in the colours I wanted to focus on, white, blue, red, yellow, green and brown.  The kids sat in a circle while I placed one of each block in the centre. We did a little practise with ‘ambil merah’ etc to revise the colours, then I explained in L1 that we were going to ‘buat menara’ (build a tower) with the blocks, starting at the bottom and placing colours ‘di atas’. They each had their own little bag and began making the towers following my instructions in L 2. I made the tower too, but stayed a little behind so I could observe who was getting it. That way they had instant feedback.

Then we ‘rusak, rusak’ and began again. We built a few towers. They were totally engaged and on task. We packed them up, helped each other do up the snap lock bags, and I gave out a tower worksheet, with six towers of 6 levels. (Perfect, discovered it with Google!) S

They coloured in the ‘menara satu’, again following my instructions. We only got through one tower as time was up, but will continue with this next lesson. What a fun way to learn colours!

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