Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Here are some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day in your Indonesian classroom…

  • Review numbers by hiding lots of little ‘hati’ around the room (cut out red ones, or use heart shaped post it notes). Use to review/learn cari, hati, berapa
  • Make a “Saya cinta kamu” card with hati for someone special.
  • Review family words by telling a story about a boy/girl who tells each person in the family ‘Saya cinta kamu’, even the dog and cat! Great way to teach ‘cium’ (kiss) and ‘peluk’ (hug)!
  • Use the clip below for some Valentine’s Day movie talk..

Valentine’s Day movie talk

  • Write a poem:

Bunga merah, bunga biru.

Saya cinta ___ (ibu, bapak, adik, kakak, nenek, kakek, _____ (friend’s name))

Dan kamu!

  • Use a Pete the Cat love story!

Hari Valentine

3 thoughts on “Ideas for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Check with native Indonesian speakers about the language here. I think personally it would be better to use saya suka es krim or saya suka sekali es krim as i thought cinta was more for people and then only those in love. I have a lovely book about family and for loving mum/dad etc, it uses the word sayang. It is a lote starter book i think. I might have a scanned copy i can share with you if you’re interested because it is highly repetitive and perfect for TCI.


    1. I would love a copy, thank you! And you are quite right. ‘cinta’ is just for people. I got a bit carried away with the whole Valetine’s Day thing! I will adjust my Kucing Pete book to reflect correct words and update blog. Thx for your feedback!

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