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Story switch and Never-ending song

After working with the Harimau makan Elsa story for 3 weeks with multiple classes, I was getting a bit bored.

Harimau lapar. Harimau lihat Elsa. Harimau mau makan Elsa. Elsa lari ke pohon. Harimau lari ke pohon. Elsa lari ke rumah. Harimau lari ke rumah. Harimau makan Elsa.

I had laminated pictures of Elsa, tiger, tree and house with magnets on the back that I used to tell the story. (This can be seen in an earlier blog)

I decided to be a bit silly, so I retold the story, but switched the characters, so Elsa was hungry and wanted to eat the tiger. The tiger ran away and was finally eaten by Elsa. I was blown away by the response of the kids, they loved it! They thought it was hilarious. Amazing how one small change can re-engage everyone and produce giggles.

I also told them about never-ending songs, and how they can be used effectively to drive teachers, parents and bus drivers mad. We sang a little song invented by Bu Cathy which is sung to the tune ¬†‘Found a Peanut’. Once again I used the ‘puppets’, and had Elsa running to first the tree, then the house, over and over again.

Elsa lari, Elsa lari, Elsa lari ke pohon

Ke pohon, Elsa lari, Elsa lari ke pohon

(Then repeat with rumah)

Once my voice was fading and some kids were putting hands over ears (after MANY reps), I had Elsa run to tiger and be eaten!

I encouraged students to go home and drive their family crazy with our song. It was wonderful the following week to be told by so many students that they drove someone crazy with our ditty!