Makan Keluarga!


I have been buying these for my own kids for a while now, but tonight I thought of them in terms of student engagement.  I ate a whole packet, purely for research purposes, to find out what members of the family were present! I discovered a cat, dog, baby girl, baby boy, girl, boy, mum, dad and car. How much fun would it be to share a packet between two or three younger students and ask them:

How many mums? How many dads? How many babies? How many girls? Are there pets? What pet? Are there boys? Is there a car? How many? Then you could play a weird game of bingo where you say, eat one mum, eat one boy, eat a car, etc. First team to eat the family wins! How else could you use these biscuits?

NB I need to make it clear that these are sold in a large packet of 10 teeny packets.

2 thoughts on “Makan Keluarga!”

  1. 😂😂😂 What a fun idea. The kids would love these. I think some of my kids would just eat them without listening hee hee.


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