Suka Suka

Another great idea inspired by Bu Cathy! I was trying to think of a way to get lots of reps with ‘suka’ (like) for my junior classes. Bu Cathy had posted about a game called ‘Double This Double That’. I realised this could be a fun way of getting those valuable reps!

Suka, suka es, es

Suka suka krim, krim

Suka es, suka krim

Suka, suka es krim

We went through the rhyme very slowly, line by line, repeating until all kids had it. Then I asked them to form two circles facing each other. We practised all the rhyme slowly once, then the outside circle moved around to the next partner. We did this until they were back at the start. It did not get boring as each time they had a new friend! Gave the struggling kids time to get the hang of it also.

Year Prep to Year 3 learned the rhyme. I then asked them to go home, teach someone at home, practise it at school with friends, practise against the wall and try to go faster and faster. The video below is what one class came up with – they were so proud that they could do it as a big group! I was totally blown away! Afterwards, we had the challenge of a whole class clap. Parents have come to me to tell me their kids are driving them crazy with the clapping rhyme (what wonderful feedback). So change the words to suit and get clapping!

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