The Great Translation Race

Today I wanted students to translate our story which we have been working on (orally only) for about three weeks. One class was a little restless and I sensed they needed to move and have some fun. So I told them we were going to have a translation race, girls versus boys. They sat in two long lines. I read our story line by line, and the first two students had to translate into English. If they were not correct, the first hand up in one of the lines got the opportunity to answer. The two front people then moved to the back of their line, and the next two got the second sentence in the story. Every one got to have 2 or 3 goes each, it was fast moving, and the people at the back had to listen in case they were needed! I was able to quickly see problem sentences that the class had difficulty translating to work on for next time. And the boys loved beating the girls!!



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