Baring my Soul

Thought it might be interesting to find out what students think of my teaching. I made up a simple indonesian-survey to do with Years 2 and 3. Here are the results:


Seems I need to work on keeping kids moving more, going very slowly when introducing new words, ensuring lots of practice hearing new words (and anything else to help them remember) and playing a few more games. Guess they are over the ‘pinguin’ dance!! I find this information really useful. Comments welcome!

2 thoughts on “Baring my Soul”

    1. This is the stick I place in between pandai and nakal. Because I have so many students, I number my sticks 1 – 30 and then number all the kids in each class. Then at the end if pandai wins, I turn it over, look at the number and match that with a child. Just big paddle pop sticks. Then kids get to pick a prize from the box.


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