Easy Assessment Method for Preps and Year Ones

imageThis is a terrible photo, but hopefully you get the idea! My younger students have really enjoyed using these special plates this week to respond to questions. There are two plates glued together, red for ‘tidak’ (no) and white for ‘ya’ (yes). First we randomly picked a student to sit on the special chair (using Class Dojo’s wonderful random function!) then I asked that student a series of questions:

What is your name? How are you? How old are you? What is your favourite colour? Do you have a pet? (If yes, then I ask  ‘Do you have a dog/cat/fish/bird etc) Today’s student had a cat and a bird, so I was able to continue in the L2 and ask ‘Does the cat want to eat the bird?’ Last question was, In your family, is there a mum/dad/older sibling/younger sibling? Sometimes I add in, What is your mum’s name? Dog’s name? Colour of your dog? Is your dog big or small? Any questions that get reps on what they already know.

As some of these questions are quite new (especially to the Preps), I use a powerpoint with pictures to aid understanding. At the conclusion of the ‘interview’, I ask the whole class to listen and respond to questions about the special student. Some are true and some false. They hold up their plates to me, showing me the appropriate colour. It is very easy for me to scan and see who understands straight away, who is looking at others for help and who does not get it.

powerpoint special chair

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