The ‘Saya Mau’ (I Want) Game

Yesterday while teaching preps, I came up with a way to get lots of painless, fun repetitions. I called it Raja dan Kwin (King and Queen). I already had a bag full of objects, all cognates except for one: bola, truk, pensil, pena, stiker, apel, stroberi and tikus (mouse). I sat the children in a circle and told them I was the bossy queen, and if I asked for something they had to bring it to me ‘cepat’! I gave out the objects, sat on my throne, put on a queenly face and manner and demanded ‘Saya mau truk!’ It was so much fun to see the preppies get up as quickly as they could to give it to me! We played this a couple more times (I was gesturing as well) then picked children to be the king and queen. Great fun, engaged students, 100% Indonesian and lots of repetitions! I even went to the $2 shop after school to buy a couple of crowns!

One thought on “The ‘Saya Mau’ (I Want) Game”

  1. I sooooooo love that you are blogging what you are doing!! It is brilliant to read posts about teaching Indonesian via TPRS. Thank you for taking the time to blog what you’ve done in class successfully! Luar Biasa!! Bu Ann luar biasa!!


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