Cats Speak Indonesian!

I like to tell my young students that cats speak Indonesian. That is because they always say ‘mau, mau’ when they want something, and ‘mau’ means want! So cats are very clever. This little connection seems to help my students remember ‘mau’, and if that means some strange cat-like sounding ‘mau’s at times, so be it!

To help us lock in ‘Saya mau’ this week, I brought in some packets of Skittles and m&m’s. We didn’t eat them, just used them to engage the students! We sang ‘Saya mau Skittles, saya mau m&m’s, saya mau Kit Kat and saya mau Chupa-Chup to the rock song ‘I want Candy’ (from the movie Hop). Year Ones loved it! We got to play our air ‘gitar’ to make it sound cool, but ONLY if we did the gestures and sang ‘Saya mau ___’ first. There is a kareoke version of this song available on iTunes – make sure you choose the third option with no English background singing.

2 thoughts on “Cats Speak Indonesian!”

  1. PERSONALISATION!! Cats speak Indonesian!! They really do!! Have you done the story:
    Billy haus.
    Billy mau mimum sprite.
    Billy tidak punya sprite.
    Spongebob punya sprite.
    Spongebob kasih Billy sprite?
    (Next line depends on students)
    Spongebob kasih/ tidak kasih Billy sprite
    Spongebob/Billy minum sprite.

    We did this story with a bottle of sprite and while acting the students were given the opportunity to partake of the Sprite. Lots of fun and very high engagement! A truly great story.

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