Inspired by…

María Mayeux!

I saw a fantastic video of a young student in Maria’s Spanish class reading a story using communication pictures. Reading with very few words, but lots of meaningful pictures! I decided this would be a great idea to try with my pre-readers. So I downloaded some free communication pictures from: Do2Learn Picture Cards  and  ARASAAC   Both of these sites have free pictures. Some I made up myself (such as ‘ada’, ‘mau’) as I couldn’t find what I wanted. Maria emailed me a great notebook file of a story she made up based on this one:

The Girl wants an Elephant

I then used the idea and made up a story as a word document cerita – Sam mau gorila and a powerpoint, with the picture cards. Sam mau gorila It is such a cute story! I intend to use it once I have taught ‘mau’, ‘suka’, ‘pergi ke’ and ‘ada’.

I am really hoping this method of using pictures will help my younger students ‘read’. I am uncertain how it will all go. How quickly will they learn the pictures? Will they remember them? Stay tuned…


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