Getting Ready for the New Year

Recently I found some great literacy activities on lots of different websites using the books featuring Pete the Cat. The text is quite simple and repetitive. My students like hearing stories about animals and I have a cute ‘anjing’ in the classroom that we use a lot in our stories. I thought it was time for a blue cat to join in! So I aim to translate the books into simple Indonesian and use ‘Kucing Pete’ to engage the younger ones.

kucing pete

The first book is about Kucing Pete who starts off with ‘sepatu putih’ and steps into different things, turning his shoes different colours. What a great way to teach colours to the Preps!

This year I will have eight Prep classes, seven Year One classes, three Year 2 classes and four Year 3 classes. I think I had better start conserving energy!! Because of this, during 2016 I aim to write about ideas that work for me with younger students.

I managed to find lots of literacy resources online for Kucing Pete, many of which I can convert and use in my Indonesian class.

I purchased (online from Amazon) two books  – Pete the Cat I Love my White Shoes, Pete the Cat and his Groovy Buttons and the toy as well. I then photographed the pages and translated the story, simplifying it if needed. I then purchased ‘Too Cool for School’ through iBooks as I realized it would be much easier to edit that way.

Here are the two powerpoints I made to use with students. Obviously much oral work and mini-stories will need to be done before we can progress to the books.

Kucing Pete dan empat kancing

Kucing Pete sepatu Putih




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