Murid Luar Biasa

Whilst observing Bu Cathy’s class, I was impressed by Kursi Luar Biasa. Bu Cathy did it in the last part of the lesson and it went very smoothly. I tried in in my class when I got back, but unfortunately I did not leave enough time at the end of the lesson so we ended up not covering many questions. The questions I asked were too difficult for the students and I felt they needed more support. I knew I had seen a fantastic powerpoint somewhere on line, so I found it, adapted it and now present to you my own version of the powerpoint to accompany Murid Luar Biasa. I also purchased a gorgeous old wooden chair over the weekend for $25 and plan to scrub it back then paint it very colourfully as a holiday project. I will post the before and after photos on this blog! I am hoping it will go to plan and that it will be a Kursi Luar Biasa!

I think with the help of this powerpoint to focus the students’ attention and also to give support to those being questioned I can run Murid Luar Biasa as low as Kelas 1. That’s the plan!

Murid Luar Biasa powerpoint:    Murid luar biasa improved

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